Live Well Festival- London

Hi guys!

I just got back from Live Well Festival in London, where I attended the Saturday.

We had planned to attend 3 classes and had booked onto these, to give our day some structure. We had barre in the morning, Kobox at lunchtime and Yoga at 5pm.

Barre was not at all what we were expecting. It was basically a hiit workout, not at all the gentle ‘ barre’ class I was expecting. After that we were pretty shattered. We had coffee with oat milk and an energy ball (of course). And explored the various stalls.

We took part in a gong sound bath which was very interesting as an experience I’ve always sought. However the room was too big and we ended up sitting so I couldn’t fully relax (at one point I was worried I’d fall over I was so relaxed) I’m defo going to try to get to a sound bath where I can lie with an eye pillow, a bolster and maybe a blanket or too!

By lunch time, we were shattered so decided to attend the drop in class which was so good.4 45 minute power vinyasa flow with all of the low lunges and a side crow or two. At the end of the class, the teacher let us know someone had a golden ticket under their mat, and that person won a prize, I really liked that idea!

We ended the lunch after that with a Greek halloumi wrap and called it a day, hopefully next year they have more exhibitors so we can spend more time shopping, Lululemon maybe 😁🤞🏻😁.

Last weeks yoga classes- 3 (including 45 min class at live well!)